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   Thank you for Joining us with our

World-Councils and 12 Gate Strategies
 Love Your Neighbor
Prayer Campaign

To join e-mail Apostle Anatha so we may add your name to the list at

As a Partner of this Councils and 12 Gate  Love/Prayer Campaign we ask you to gather 5 other churches or people to open their doors or to pray for 1 Hour per day with us and to donate $1 dollar a month for 6 months
The Councils are to bring unity and order to the Kingdom of God by block, Neighborhoods, cities, states, nations, and continants 
 12 Kingdom Gates 
The 12 gates represents the 12 gates of the wall of Jerusalum to give each person in each congregation to work in a Gate that the Holy Spirit Leads and confirms. Each family of the 12 Tribes of Isreal helped to rebuild a gated portion of the Wall of Jerusalum, Nehemiah 3:1-25. There are 12 angels assigned to the 12 Gates as in Revelations 21:12  
1) Intercessory Gate - Intercession - Praying for the Kingdom and each Gate
The City of God Building Assignment
Universal Council of 12
Each 7 Continents
Each Nation
Each State
Each City
Each Neighborhood Lead Prayer Site for each Neighborhood
House of Prayer on each block
24 Hour Prayer
 Established World-Wide Prayer Partners by 2’s
2) Business Gate
Sole Proprietor Business
Small Business 2 -10 employees or less
Small Business 10 - 25 Employees
Small Business 25 - 50 Employees
Mid Size Business 50-100 Employees
Mid-Size Business 100 - 500 Employees
Mid Size Business 500-1000 Employees
Large Business 1000 employees and up
Local Business
State Wide Business
Nation Wide Business
World-Wide Business
3) Community Gate -
Gun Violence
Gang Violence
White Supremacy
Gas Prices
Lack of Home Ownership
Voting System
Liquor Sale
Cigarettes Sales
Drug Sale
4) Deliverance Gate
Sexual Perversion
Drug Addiction
Prescription Drugs
Domestic Violence
Suicidal Spirits
5) Educational Gate - Home School
D1 College
D2 College
DS3 University
Graduate School
6) Family Gate -
Single Men
Single Women
Married Men
Married Women
Divorced Men
Divorced Women
Second + Married Men
Second + Married Women
Foster Children
Adopted Children
7) Financial Gate
Checking Account
Savings Account
Debit Card
Charge Card
Life Insurance
Credit Score
Social Security
Unemployment/Workmans Comp
8) Giving To The Poor Gate
Family Fund
Continent - North America
South America
9) Government Gate City Council
City Mayor
Lt Governor
Vice President
House of Representatives
State Senators
Secretary of State
Office of The Majority Leader
Minority Office Leader
10) Health Gate
Family Relations
Job Relations
Neighbor Relations
Community Relations
11) Media Gate
Word of Mouth
12) Law Enforcement Gate
Police Department
Sheriffs Department
Local Attorneys
State Attorney General
State Supreme Court
Federal Supreme Court
National Guards
Churches and People that have joined

Elite Church of The First-Born International Ministries
2. Spirit of Truth Ministries
3. Trinity Tabernacle Assembly of God
4. Victory Disciples Church
5. God's Great Multitude Church
6. Spirit Lead Christian Center
7. Elite Church of the First-Born II
8. Victory Outreach Center, Minneapolis
9. Pastor Vaughn Blackburn
10. Virginia Kamwendo
11. Pastor Hattie Bonds
12. To God Be The Glory Church
13. Apostle Bertha La'Near
14. Evangelist Karen Wells
15. Robert McMaster
16. CJOY Internet Radio Station
17. Ed Roy
18. Brothers Empowered
19. Truth CHurch of Faith In Holiness
20. God's Revelation's Church
21. Christ Empowerment Church
22. Believers In CHrist
23. Zion Baptist Church, MN
24. Joint-Heirs International
25. Alter of Fire and Glory Ministries
26. Shiloh Temple
27. Greater Friendship Baptist Church
28. Evangelist Patricia James
29. Let It Rain Ministries
30. Breck School
32. Universal Healing and Deliverance Ministries International 
33.The Global Prayer Network

Strategies of Prayer

One way is the A.C.T.S. Prayer Strategy

1. A is for Adoration - which is to adore him for 15 minutes

2. C is for Confession - You confess your sins and forgive others for 15 minutes

3. T is for Thanksgiving - You tell Father what you are Thankful for for 15 minutes

4. S is for supplication - you pray your specific request for yourself and for others 15 minutes

__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ ________

Then you have the Sixth Sense Prayer

1. 10 minutes of worship

2. 10 minutes of repentance and

3. 10 minutes of

4. 10 minutes of

5. 10 minutes of

6. 10 minutes of studying what you

Make sure you cover all family members, church members, all that labor with you and that's supposed to be laboring with you and all your posessions in the blood of Jesus and the angels protection.

Then after you have prayed bind all retaliating spirits and all reinforcement demons

Note that THAT  you can pray while you work, exercising, walking, driving, on the bus, at home, at church, on vacation, in sections, jusT PRAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Know your Watch Hour

First Hour 6:00 pm -9:00 pm hour
A time of meditation, prayers of deliverance and healing.

2nd Watch 9pm -12 midnight
A time to cover your life, family to the 4th generation before and after, friends, city, state, nation
Pray preventive prayers before the witching hour of midnight. Pray Ephesians 6{10-18, and II Corinthians 10;3-5

3rd Watch 12 midnight - 3:00 am

The witching hour. This is when Satan does his planning and strategizing because this is when most saints are sleep and not praying. This is a time of much warfare. Revelations 12:17

4th Watch 3:00 am - 6:00 am
the last watch of the night to prevent the plans of Satan to bring forth fruit
This is a must watch and truly one to plant warriors on. Job 22:27-28

5th Watch 6:00 - 9:00 am
the early morning rise hour to move in the work force to set your day

6th Watch 9:00 am - 12Noon
A time of healing of relationships, harvest, scientific technology advances, exits and entry watch

7th Watch 12 Noon - 3:00 pm
A time that the promises are released, shaking of foundations, dwelling in the secret place of the Most High, Time to exercise God given dominion 

8th Watch 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Time to transform history, time to remove veils, coverings of darkness, prayer hour of covenants, the hour of triumphant glory, a time  to exercise God given dominion 

Strongholds To Target - Mathews 12:29

Because we are at war - Revelations 12:17

We must put on the whole armour of God - Ephesians 6:10-18

Whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven Mathews 16:19

Repent of all sin in your life first and forgive others who have sinned against you, Plead the Blood of Jesus over your life and all that is apart of your life, all you posess, and all who is to be a part of your life
dispatch the warring angels on your behalf to war for you

Bind The Prince over North America - South America - Asia - Africa - Euroupe - Australia - Antartica Daniel 10:13

The Spirit Abaddon/Apollyon - Revelations 9;11 

Spirit of Baal, Ashtoreth, Ione, Baffemet, Pan, Set, Meditti, Bauchus, Regge, Lazaars, Ahab, Jezzebel, Perversion, fear, lying, anti-Christ, haughtiness, jealousy, bondage, infirmity, error, stupir, familiar spirit, divination, deaf and dumb, and pride, which is the most harmful because it is the least detectable  

Replace these spirits with Spirit of Holiness, Rightouesness, Boldness, Courage, Humility, Submission, Reverence, Unity, Oneness, Peace, Love, Joy, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding,favor, Blessings, Discernment,

Just e-mail us the name of your church or just your name and a link to your church if you choose and commit to 1 dollar a month with 5 other people praying for one hour a day for six months. Our goal is 10 million Churches/people

We need you and the world need your prayers. Now Jesus said he wasn't praying for the world, in John 17th chapter, but he's praying for those that are his and that that will believe on his word through them. 

So our prayers are for those that would believe on his word around the world! We know everyone needs Love, however, some will reject the Love of Christ. So as the Holy Spirit leads you to pray then you pray.

We will give people, situations, places to pray for, however, you are to always seek the Holy Spirit on what to pray.

I have seen a young girl shot in the back run to me and die in my arms. But by the power of prayer, Father God raised her back up from death.

I have seen one of my young adults go into a coma for four months. But the power of prayer brought her out of that coma and functioning in her right mind.

I have seen a 10 million dollar facility donated by the power of prayer.

I have seen a city united to stop city officials from closing up storefront churches in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Missing children found I hour later that's been missing for over three days.

Worst Hurricane on Record rebuked and dwindled to a tropical storm not killing anyone

The POWER of PRAYER and LOVE is " Insurmountable!"